Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hear you play before I decide to book you?

Yes, absolutely!  

There are listening samples posted on the listen page.  You are also more than welcome to attend any public performances listed on my itinerary. However, weddings are private events, and out of respect for the families, I generally do not invite potential clients to see me perform at private functions.  Some exceptions are weddings in public parks, like Central Park.

How far in advance can I book you? 

I generally accept bookings up to 12 months in advance.  Most weddings are booked 4 to 6 months in advance.

Will you play outdoors year-round?

I do play outdoor events, however there are some guidelines because the harp is a very delicate instrument and must be protected from the elements.

  • There is an additional charge of $75.00 for any outdoor performances
  • The harp must stand on a dry and level surface
  • The harp must be out of direct sunlight (a tent, or umbrella is acceptable)
  • Temperatures must be between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme heat can damage the harp, and extreme cold makes for stiff fingers
  •  There must be an alternate location planned, in the event of rain or inclement weather
  • If it begins to rain during any event, the harp must immediately be covered and moved to an environmentally safe area.  I will be happy to continue playing from an indoor/covered location. The full balance of the contract is still due

Can you play more than what you have posted? Can you play my favorite song at my wedding? 

Most of the time, this answer is Yes!  I can usually transcribe special music for the harp or read piano sheet music, however some songs may not translate well on the instrument.  I will surely let you know well in advance if I believe a particular song won't work.  In advance I require 30 days notice for custom music selections.  

Do you perform with other musicians/ bands?

Yes.  I can perform as a duet or trio with a flutist, violinist, harpist, bassist or cellist. In addition, I have a jazz quartet. Contact me for additional ensembles and details.

Does the duration of time effect the amount you charge? 

A flat rate is usually charged for a ceremony. There is a significant amount of time that goes into musical preparation, your consultations, transporting the harp, set-up, and strike.  A fifteen-minute ceremony is at the very least, a least a two-hour day-of commitment for a harpist, not including consultations or music preparation time.

Is it possible to book you last minute to play for my wedding?

Absolutely.  If I have no bookings and I am available for the date, then there is no problem nor is there any additional charge.

Do you take requests on the spot?

I do take requests if the song is appropriate for the event and in my repertoire, then Iā€™d love to play it for you.

How do you dress for wedding ceremonies?

I usually wear concert or formal black unless otherwise requested.  If I have an accessory or color that matches the wedding party, I am more than happy to wear it.

Do you take breaks during the event? If so, how long?

I do not take breaks at wedding ceremonies.  For events lasting more than an hour, I take a 10 minute break every 45 minutes unless otherwise noted in the contract.  I can coordinate my breaks to coincide with a toast, speech, or other event that requires no music.  

How loud is the harp? I am afraid it won't be heard.  Can it be amplified if necessary?  

The harp is generally loud enough to carry in most homes, churches, and public spaces.  Yes, all of my large pedal harps can be amplified or plugged into an existing PA system.

Will it be too loud for conversations to be heard?

Not at all.  A beautiful acoustic instrument, the harp is never overpowering, which makes it perfect for background music.

I am on a very tight budget. I really want to have a harp at my wedding but can't afford your prices.  Are there any other options?

Yes, in some cases I can bring a small lever harp, which will reduce the overall price.  Please note that there is limited repertoire and you will have to choose from a list of songs given.  Also, the overall sound of a smaller harp doesn't carry well across large spaces.

Do I have the option to pay you over time?

Yes, if it is easier, you may pay in installments from the date of booking, up to the date of the event.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, there is a small service fee for credit card transactions.

background image by Debra Smail